Friday, September 12, 2008

In the time that it takes to watch a movie the time that it takes you to watch a movie you can learn the Hotheads Hairwear application method. Hotheads Hairwear's attachment method is based on the simple fast extraordinary Hotheads seamless extension method. There is no equipment, investment or harmful adhesives ever needed for Hotheads Hairwear.
You will never have to shave a woman's head ever again. Why not offer your clients the best system and solution for THEIR hair health & well being? Why not start capturing all those customers that you are scaring off with shaving & bonding?
We have print ready ads, advertising copy, brochures, postcards & marketing material to help you create a new business that you have not had a solution for.
We offer monthly seminars and we recommend attending highly, but you can watch our DVD, read our training manual & practice because it is so easy to learn. Call today to get started 1-800-327-7971.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hotheads Hairwear is changing lives!!

When women suffers from hair loss, it can be a very devastating emotional time in their lives. We at Hotheads Hairwear understand that most women just want a natural appearance that does not damage any of their own existing hair further. Hotheads Hairwear offers the only solution that DOES NOT REQUIRE SHAVING, BONDING, CLAMPS OR HARMFUL ADHESIVES. Our smart part hairwear offers a solution that is ideal for a natural looking part that blends right into your own hair & creates a natural full head of hair.
Wonderfill offers a little more coverage & suites the woman that may be suffering from female pattern baldness or a receding hairline. So if you suffer from genetic or medical hair loss, circular hair loss or if you simply have fine or thinning hair Hotheads Hairwear is the solution.
WE CARE FOR YOU HAIR!! Hotheads Hairwear is and exclusive Alan Thomas

Monday, September 8, 2008

The only thinnng hair solution to be excited about!!

If you or a client are suffering from thinning hair, genetic hair loss or fine hair this is the answer.
You'll be excited about our new Hotheads Hairwear. They are ultralight & undetectable hairpieces for the top of the head that require no shaving or bonding.
No weaving, no clamps & NO PAIN!!!
Hotheads Hairwear is quickly attached to your own natural safely & comfortably. This process is very simple & takes less than 1 hour. These hairwear pieces are safe to wear day & night but they can be removed & re-attached by a professional easily & quickly!! Hotheads Hairwear is available exclusively through Alan Thomas Design. If you are interested in a full product package please contact 1-800-327-7971 ext 105/106.