Sunday, December 30, 2007


Quick, Easy, Extraordinary!

HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR Extensions are the thinnest extensions available. They are designed with NO returns so there's no malting, frizzing or tangling! It will feel more like your natural hair. HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR Extensions are reusuable, quick & affordable.

Why invest in bulky machinery when all you need is a comb? Experience the cutting edge in hair extension advances. Allow us to show you how to apply a complete head of extensions adding volume, highlights or length in 45 minutes. HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR Extensions are the most innovative hair extensions offered in the marketplace today.

27 exciting colors to choose from! HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR Extensions come in 1 3/8" pre-cut rounded strips making them easier to handle during application. Plus, the availability of 3 different lengths; results in less waste. Create your own color combinations for instant streaks without harmful effects of coloring.

Now you can have trendy special effects without stressing your hair! HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR Extensions leave unlimited creativity up to you and your haircare specialist with 27 colors to choose from. HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR Extensions last up to 3 months with proper care.

HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR Extensions are only availble from Alan Thomas Design contact us today to start working with HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR Extensions 800 327 7971.