Friday, February 8, 2008

Chicago Hair Loss Models Wanted

Hotheads Hairwear is seeking individuals with top of the head hair loss in the Chicago area; to receive a one of a kind thinning hair solution that doesn't require shaving, bonding or harmful chemical & heat. We are offering a complimentary Hotheads Hairwear system valued at thousands of dollars in return for a few hours of your clients time during the ABS 2008 show March 1-March 3, 2008. If you have any clients in mind, give us a call & we can organize a meeting before the ABS 2008 show. We are looking for just a few more candidates, so if you are truly interested in an amazing solution for your thinning hair clients, please contact us immediately 800 327 7971.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Hotheads Hairwear & Hair Extensions presents Hair Replacement Expert

Gunter Alex

Join us for an educational journey & take your business to the next level!! Our revolutionary Hairwear line will offer your clients hair replacement solution that doesn't require any shaving or bonding
Gunter Alex is the leading hair replacement inventor, designer & stylist in all of Europe!! His work is recognized & respected world wide. Gunter Alex of Arcos International in Germany continuosly introduces cutting edge products to the marketplace that influences changes in trend and direction of the hair replacement & hair extension market.

Sunday, February 24-25 2008
10 am-2pm

Location: 3500 W Hallandale Bch Blvd. Pembroke Park, FL 33023
800 327 7971 Ext 105

Registration Application available via email or fax, please contact Alan Thomas Designs @ 800 327 7971 or 954 963 9680

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hotheads Hairwear


HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR is the perfect top of the head hair loss solution. NO SHAVING, NO BONDING. HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR will blend naturally with your own hair to create an invisible natural full head of hair. HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR will stay in place no matter what, even in the pool or sauna. Quick, simple & permanent without glue, heat or shaving. No weaving or painful clamping. Undetectable and comfortable to the weared because there are no clamps or tubes. ULTRA THIN and LIGHTWEIGHT.

No complicated tools or machines required to attach HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR pieces. HAIRWEAR attachments are made with our HOTHEADS HAIR EXTENSIONS quickly, gently & totally safe.

Contact us today & ask about our HOTHEADS HAIRWEAR monthly seminars 1 800 327 7971