Friday, August 8, 2008

Become a Hotheads Hairwear Professional

Expand your knowledge & income-become a Hotheads Hairwear Professional.

Are you interested in expanding your skills & earning potential? Hair enhancements & extensions are the fastest growing segment of the industry & being trained by Hotheads Hairwear will allow you to offer unique & exclusive services. Hair extensions are becoming the highest ticket item in most salons & ranging from several hundred of dollars to thousands per client on a regular basis.
So expand the services you offer & maximize your income by attending our next scheduled training class. A licensed cosmetologist can learn the Hotheads Hairwear application method in minutes & perfect it within hours.

During our 1-day hands on seminars, you will learn about preparation, sectioning, application, removal, maintenance, cut-in and styling skills for both Hotheads Hair Extensions & Hairwear Systems. We will teach you how to add length, volume, density, highlights, dramatic color & dynamic asymmetrical styles instantly with Hotheads Hairwear.
You will learn the benefits, history & philosophy of simple, fast & extraordinary!! We will teach you everything you need to know about Hotheads Hairwear during our 1-day seminar & if you need further assistance or training we offer training manuals & DVDs for off-site reference.

We offer monthly hands-on training seminars for licensed cosmetologist at our US Training Center in Hollywood, Florida and we will schedule in-salon training for large or private groups at your request. Hotheads Hairwear training conferences are offered at many National & Regional venues throughout the year.
We provide the training supplies, mannequins, tools & products on the day of your training; all we ask is you bring your willingness to learn & artistic vision.
Certificates will be provided after successful completion of course. Introductory offers are available the day of training and can be purchased once training is complete.

Hotheads Hairwear Trainers are some of the best extension stylists in the US, and you can join that elite group by invitation to a 2 day Trainer Seminar. If you are interested in a National or Regional Trainer position for Hotheads Hairwear please contact our Training Coordinators @ 1-800-327-7971 ext 105/106.