Friday, March 14, 2008

Chicago ABS 2008

Hotheads Hairwear was a hit at this years Chicago ABS. We brought in 10 hair loss models, and let's just say that they are converts!! Hotheads Hairwear is the answer they've been looking for. Most women suffer from various stages of hairloss as they age. However the age of women suffering from hair loss is becoming younger & younger. Environment, diet & nutrition, illness, childbirth are only a small number of reasons why younger women are loosing their hair, and younger women are looking for an alternative solution to shaving & bonding or wearing a full wig for the rest of their lives. Hotheads Hairwear give women that option & allows their existing hair to continue growing & become healthier. No shaving, no bonding, with the security of a permanent attachment that can be applied quickly and serviced easily. Most top of the head replacement requires several visits & fitting however with Hotheads Hairwear your clients can walk in & walk out the same day with an immediate hair loss, thinning hair solution @ an affordable price.
21 colors are available in stock 365 days a year along with our Hotheads human hair extensions if they choose to add hair all over. We offer a full line of human hair seamless extensions in bodywave, deep curl, texturized yaki & roots (unisex) to compliment the top of the head pieces. We believe this product is a MUST in every salon, every stylist, hair professional, extension artist has at least one client that desperately needs a solution that doesn't end with shaving or bonding.